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R. N.
an kenyans become aupair in the Uk?
an someone become an aupair in the Uk from Kenya, and are they required to pay 1000 pounds before they can get in?
1 week agoR. N.1 Answers
latest activity: 1 week ago
D. J.
Can we do languages courses while being an Aupair
1 month agoD. J.2 Answers
latest activity: 1 week ago
V. M.
Where can I be an aupair ?
Hello, my name is Véronique, a 20 years girl from Cameroon, and I still in my country. Yesterday I see on a website that I ca (...)
3 weeks agoV. M.1 Answers
latest activity: 1 week ago
N. B.
When should I start searching for a family when I want to start in January?
 All the families I am seeing now are searching for an au pair a lot earlier than January…
2 weeks agoN. B.0 Answers
C. R.
Do all documents to be submited to the DIRECCTE in france with the Au Pair contract have to be original copies?
Will i have to post these documents to France from India?Considering the covid situation, its not that simple to send documents ac (...)
1 month agoC. R.0 Answers
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J. C.
Wir suchen ein AuPair
J. C. • family family • Germany
6 AntwortenNeueste Antwort: vor 3 Tagen2 haben diese Frage 3158 Aufrufe
C. C.
Recherche une jeune fille au pair juillet aout
C. C. • family family • France
10 Réponse(s)Dernière réponse: July 10, 2021 3130 Vues
V. E.
We need an au pair in Queensland Australi
V. E. • family family • Australia
6 Answerslatest answer: 4 weeks ago 3081 views
F. U.
Freundlicher, kinderlieber, hilfsbereiter Au- Pair sucht Gastfamilie!
F. U. • au pair au pair • Uzbekistan
2 Answerslatest answer: 1 month ago 276 views
E. O.
E. O. • au pair au pair • Kenya
0 Answers 129 views
B. A.
Thank you for your time connectaupair
B. A. • au pair au pair • Nigeria
0 Answers 137 views
B. C.
Has anyone from Africa recently found a host family in German?
B. C. • au pair au pair • Zambia
1 Answerslatest answer: 1 month ago2 have this question 230 views
M. P.
Vorrei ospitare ragazza 25/30 anni
M. P. • family family • Italy
0 Answers2 have this question 239 views
L. R.
Hi . I am looking for a host family in Iceland. I am a lady aged 19
L. R. • au pair au pair • Zimbabwe
0 Answers 396 views
D. A.
Any Host family need Male Aupair
D. A. • au pair au pair • Mozambique
0 Answers3 have this question 432 views

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D. E.
Do host families usually pay for au pair plane tickets?
D. E. • au pair au pair • Philippines
6 Answerslatest answer: 11 months ago7 have this question 9679 views
J. R.
Agency is asking a fee before receiving my documents, is it OK?
J. R. • au pair au pair • Philippines
7 Answerslatest answer: 11 months ago 8184 views
Maria Knauer
Report bugs and problems for fastMatch
Maria KnauerconnectAuPair team connectAuPair team • Germany
18 Answerslatest answer: 4 months ago22 have this question 8153 views
I. A.
My family asks for child care references - what can I hand in?
I. A. • au pair au pair • Australia, France, Germany, Switzerland, Turkey
9 Answerslatest answer: 10 months ago6 have this question 8015 views
T. M.
Can you help me to find a host family
T. M. • au pair au pair • Philippines
5 Answerslatest answer: 11 months ago13 have this question 7969 views


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