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M. L.
Hello everyone, I'm new here. Does anyone found already a host family? I'm curious..
8 months agoM. L.16 Answers
latest activity: 13 hours ago
N. B.
When should I start searching for a family when I want to start in January?
 All the families I am seeing now are searching for an au pair a lot earlier than January…
3 months agoN. B.2 Answers
latest activity: 1 day ago
A. M.
Quale dovrebbe essere la paghetta in Italia?
Per le famiglie ospitanti in Italia, quale dovrebbe essere la paghetta di riferimento?Quando si aspettano di ricevere come compens (...)
1 day agoA. M.0 Answers
O. M.
Ich suche eine Gastfamilie
Ich komme aus Kamerun und habe am Anfang Oktober einen Termin bei der Botschaft. 
3 weeks agoO. M.0 Answers
A. D.
Are there Au Pair agencies in Finland?
4 weeks agoA. D.0 Answers
A. D.
Are there Au Pair agencies in Finland?
4 weeks agoA. D.0 Answers
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V. Z.
Searching for a host Familie
V. Z. • au pair au pair • Germany
1 Answerslatest answer: 1 day ago 523 views
A. T.
Ich bin ein Apotheker assistent suche ich Au pair in Deutschland oder Österreisch oder Schweiz
A. T. • au pair au pair • Tunisia
1 Answerslatest answer: 1 week ago2 have this question 69 views
C. C.
Recherche une jeune fille au pair juillet aout
C. C. • family family • France
12 Réponse(s)Dernière réponse: September 25, 2021 3503 Vues
N. K.
I am au pair from Algeria can I help you
N. K. • au pair au pair • Algeria
0 Answers2 have this question 298 views
J. C.
Wir suchen ein AuPair
J. C. • family family • Germany
6 AntwortenNeueste Antwort: vor 2 Monaten2 haben diese Frage 3544 Aufrufe
V. E.
We need an au pair in Queensland Australi
V. E. • family family • Australia
6 Answerslatest answer: 3 months ago 3442 views

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D. E.
Do host families usually pay for au pair plane tickets?
D. E. • au pair au pair • Philippines
6 Answerslatest answer: 1 year ago7 have this question 10183 views
J. R.
Agency is asking a fee before receiving my documents, is it OK?
J. R. • au pair au pair • Philippines
7 Answerslatest answer: 1 year ago 8543 views
Maria Knauer
Report bugs and problems for fastMatch
Maria KnauerconnectAuPair team connectAuPair team • Germany
18 Answerslatest answer: 7 months ago22 have this question 8477 views
I. A.
My family asks for child care references - what can I hand in?
I. A. • au pair au pair • Australia, France, Germany, Switzerland, Turkey
9 Answerslatest answer: 1 year ago6 have this question 8361 views
T. M.
Can you help me to find a host family
T. M. • au pair au pair • Philippines
5 Answerslatest answer: 1 year ago14 have this question 8303 views


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